Map. History of DR Congo conflict

23 January 2018
Update on Congo protests- at least 6 people shot dead and 57 wounded by authorities during anti Kabila protests this weekend
France condemns Congolese security forces after six killed
Congolese security forces kill three while dispersing anti-Kabila protest
At least 12 Congolese soldiers have been killed in the eastern DemocraticRepublicofCongo, where the army is fighting Uganda-based rebels.
Militia attacks and army reprisals in the Kasai region have pushed the Democratic Republic of Congo to the top of an unenviable league table: it is the country with the most internally displaced people (IDPs) in Africa
UN chief calls DRC's Joseph Kabila to keep pledge to leave office in accordance with late agreement
Security forces kill at least seven people in DR Congo during protests over President Kabila's refusal to step down
Ugandan army kills 100 rebels in DR Congo strikes
Uganda army statement re: attack on ADF rebels in DR Congo
DRC: Neighborhood chief killed in Beni, North Kivu3 week ago
DRC: Neighborhood chief killed in Beni, North Kivu
UN peacekeepers honour 14 troops killed in DR Congo
1 month ago
UN Raises DRC Death Toll to 15 Peacekeepers, 5 Congolese Soldiers
1 month ago
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s regular army has shot dead at least 72 Ugandan rebels during an attack from Thursday night to Friday in the eastern province of North Kivu, said a military spokesman
Congo attack is "worst attack on UN peacekeepers in the organization's recent history," UN Sec.-Gen. Guterres says.
1 month ago
"Early indications from the site of the attack in North Kivu indicate that at least 12 Tanzanian peacekeepers were killed, at least 40 injured. At least five members of the Armed Forces of the DRC were killed," states UN. Congo
1 month ago
"Large number" of UN peacekeepers have been killed and wounded in an attack in eastern Congo, UN peacekeeping chief says.
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 15km SSE of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 23km SW of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 20km SW of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
2 month ago
Fighting between army and militia kills six people, including two soldiers in Democratic Republic of Congo
About 30 killed when train derails, catches fire in Congo
Unidentified armed men break into the Norwegian Consulate in Kinshasa DR Congo
Amb. Nikki Haley: "As we heard directly from the Congolese people, the citizens of the DRC are hungry for democracy and new leadership."
In DRC, one of the worst cholera epidemics continues, now affecting 21 of 26 provinces
3 month ago
[email protected] Ambassador @NikkiHaley travels to Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic Congo.
3 month ago
UN says peacekeeper killed in attack on military base in DR Congo
3 month ago
'Dozens' killed as military plane crashes in DR Congo - military, airport sources say
3 month ago
About 500 dead and 24,000 cholera-infected in DR Congo since June
4 month ago
Troops shot dead 18 Burundian refugees in clashes in Kamanyola in eastern DR Congo: officials
4 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 23km SSW of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo